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Building innovative products is no longer a matter of traditional software development. The outcomes must be tied together with customer goals and future business expansion. From conceptualizing an idea to maintaining and supporting a product, Product Engineering has come a long way. This process also leverages emerging technologies such as Cloud, Mobility, Web, Big Data Analytics, Blockchain, AI, Machine Learning and Cognitive Computing. We are specialists in Product Engineering services to Enterprises and startups alike,and take pride in collaborating, building and maintaining world-class software products that speed up achievement of customer goals. The entire software product lifecycle from the innovation stage, development, deployment up to user acceptance is taken care of by Experion.

To ensure long term success of the product and to maximize business value, Experion utilizes its time-tested frameworks xPlore & xEcute, to conceptualize and develop software products. These two frameworks are designed to co-create the product with the customer, with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) blueprint initially, followed by a value-centric, collaborative, and Agile development approach targeting continual product improvement.